Soo Youn Lee is the "live show" host of FashionGo's Fashion Segments, a 30 minute live show dedicated to showcasing the highlights of wholesale brands to clients. She is also the live show host for OFood USA's monthly cooking segments on Amazon Live. Soo Youn is also independently hired to host TikTok Live Shows for specific clients through hire. She specializes in fashion, food, and lifestyle products. 


Second Live Show for O'Food's Amazon Live Show: Korean BBQ at Home with Host Soo Youn Lee.


Referrals / Recommendations

Vince Taroc 

Content Production

Company: FashionGo

To Whom It May Concern,It is with great pleasure and confidence that I am recommending Soo Youn Lee as a show hostor live stream host for any video content, commercial production, or social media needs youmay require. 

As the Content Production Manager, I recognized immediately that Soo Youn was an amazingon-screen talent, and asked her to start hosting our regular live stream video sales platform atFashionGo. 

On production days, she comes to our studio poised, enthusiastic, and ready to start filming. Herpositive attitude and professionalism makes her a joy to work with.As someone whose job it is to recognize on-screen talent, I can’t recommend enough howexceptional Soo Youn is at engaging and entertaining an audience. The live stream sales eventsshe hosts, routinely boosts sales by a minimum of 50%. 

If you are considering Soo Youn for any on-camera or live work, I highly suggest you proceedwith giving her a shot. And if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll behappy to answer any questions you have. 



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