Who is Soo Youn Lee as a Content Creator?

Signed to The KAIR Agency in Los Angeles, Soo Youn Lee specializes in lifestyle, wellness, beauty, fashion, travel, and skincare on two major platforms, Instagram & TikTok. Soo Youn is a Korean-American creative who has crafted her work from her experiences as an immigrant, model, and influencer. She started her journey in marketing at Red Bull, then felt called to inspire others through her social media channels. 

Social Media Accounts + Contact Information

THE KAIR GROUP @thekairgroup 


@Iamsooyounlee Instagram  Insights: 52% female / 48% male (25k followers) 

@Yourkoreanunni TikTok   Insights: 82% female / 18% male (124k followers)

Lifestyle + Wellness 

Soo Youn's lifestyle content mainly revolves around her Korean background including her grandparents, identical twin sister, and childhood. She showcases her bilingual skill through her series "Korean Word Of The Day," creates comedic and related sibling content with her twin sister Michelle, and touches into family content with her grandparents as they had raised her in America. 

Soo Youn's lifestyle content does not end here but she mainly chooses to focus on these three categories as they are a representation of herself. 


Soo Youn prioritizes her well being and health, and thus loves sharing her secrets with her followers. Whether it comes to the hottest work out class or starting new health trends, Soo Youn thrives in motivating others to take care of themselves as they are only given one body for life. 


Here, you can see Soo Youn's most recent wellness video where she walks her followers through her morning wellness routine. Her routine ranges from ginseng tea, matcha, fermented paste, vitamins, and more. 

Skincare + Beauty 

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